"What Tom has set down here are the reports of the journalist as poet, or poet as journalist. . . . These dispatches in verse tell the story of a journey into a modern underworld, and of the escape that made it possible to tell the tale."
Dan Rather

"Tom Flynn created poetry from ashes and beauty from one of our ugliest days. While breaking your heart with its immense poignancy, 'Bikeman' celebrates the strength within us, while affirming the power of the individual and collective spirit."
Meredith Wagner, Executive Vice President, Lifetime TV

"Tom Flynn is a newsman and a poet. He was at the World Trade Center on nine eleven. He responded, as a newsman should that day. And now we read ...the rest. A recounting forged in fire...put out with tears."
Harry Smith, CBS News

"Tom Flynn brings to his subject three invaluable attributes: the eye of a seasoned journalist, the soul of a poet, and his stunning, first-hand experience of that horrific day."
David Friend, Vanity Fair, author of Watching the World Change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11

"Tom Flynn's epic poem will both haunt and inspire generations to come. Melvillian imagery strewn with contemporary language and rhythms are forged in the crucible of personal account. A chilling modern day Leviathan that confronts the demonic doppelganger of 9/11."
Craig Hatkoff, Co-founder Tribeca Film Festival

"On September 11, 2001, journalist Tom Flynn set off on his bike toward the World Trade Towers...not knowing what he was riding into. Bikeman is one man's journey back to the horrors of that day...and to the humanity that somehow emerged from the dust and the death. Both heartbreaking and haunting, his words will stay with that "forever September morning."
Meredith Vieira, The Today Show, NBC News

"Tom has the news writer's talent for sharp, vivid detail—carried on a tide of deep emotion. This is a new window onto a shattering time."
Diane Sawyer, ABC News

"After so much of 9/11 has been buried under the rubble of its 'meaning' and 'politics', 'Bikeman' returns us, awestruck and terrified, to the event itself."
Daniel Klein & Thomas Cathcart, bestselling authors of Plato & Platypus Walk Into a Bar...

"Beautifully written, Bikeman takes the reader through a morning of devastation and horror that those of us who experienced will never forget. "We walk on a blanket of death in mortal silence"....For me, Tom Flynn has captured eloquently the pain I felt that horrible day."
Tom Von Essen, FDNY Fire Commissioner on 9-11

"Tom Flynn was a kind of literary or journalistic first responder who rushed by bicycle the short distance from his home in lower Manhattan to the burning Trade Center, barely escaping immolation or entombment in the collapse of the South Tower. "Bikeman," a disturbing poem that is half anecdote, half edda, is Flynn's monument to a shattered personal and collective naïveté. The genre is, I suppose, that of the "epyllion", or mini-epic. But "Bikeman" reminds me also of some of the longer Border ballads, which move us with their bold attempt to tame into conventional verse large, violent, and obscure cataclysms beyond the comprehension of any singer or any hearer. Finally, though, literary analogues and parallels are pretty remote. I know of nothing else quite like "Bikeman"."
John V. Fleming, Louis W. Fairchild '24 Professor of English and Comparative Literature, emeritus, Princeton University

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